Comunicación al Punto is an international communications agency specializing in gastronomy.

Enter the Hispanic market

For companies, restaurants and producers outside Spain, we help you connect with the public to get into the Spanish and Latin market.

We connect you with customers, people from the sector and media. We adapt and personalize our services to your needs.

We offer all types of communication services to companies, brands and professionals related to the sector. We help from agricultural producers to restaurants, chefs, nutritionists, cooks, etc.

We believe both in our passion for gastronomy and our broad experience in communication to make you succeed.

Our philosophy is to personalize and adapt our services to the real needs of our clients, so the first thing is to know whether you want:

Visibility. We make you visible on the Internet. Furthermore, we improve your online reputation to help you be successful.

Web positioning. We work SEO and SEM to help you reach your clients easily and faster, but we do not forget branding.

Content. Content is king. We design the strategy, plan the content and make words work together to make you connect with your target, through useful and quality content.

Social Media. They are extremely useful to get to know your target, what they want and how they behave. That is why having a good Social Media Plan, together with the design of good advertising campaigns is key for your company.

Public Relations. Let us be your communications department. We provide press releases and send them to media of your interest. Plus, we establish bonds with bloggers and influencers, we anticipate and manage crisis and organize events. We will be by your side in important moments.

Design. The image of your business says a lot from it. We design not only your web and blog, but also your ads, flyers and newsletters. Did you realize that your packaging, letters and online shop are the first thing your potential customers see?

Everything. If you want everything you are also in the right place. We will be your communications and marketing consultancy company. We will be immersed in your company in order to understand its present and guarantee a future full of success.

Shall we talk?